This Is My List of Highest Top Paying REITs StocksThat i Have Found and Look Sold And Look Like Good Investments

 Look Over do your Own studing on them. I hope you Like the List Plese Share this website with others And Like On FaceBook Tweeter or Google +1 Others May Like this List

The Div Stocks Pay Much Nicer the .50% Bank CDs


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NLY     13.0%

AGNC   16.0% 

ARR     18.0%

IVR       15.0%

CIM       14.0%

CYS      14.20%

HTS      12.0%

CMO    12.50%

RSO     17.50%

TWO    15.50%

ANH      12.50%

CMO     12.50%

MFA      13.50%

WAC     8.20%

DX         12.0%


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